The House of Body Coach

The headquarters of Body Coach are the nerve centre of the whole organisation: from the co-ordination of the production chain (in Slovakia) to a users and knowledge centre.


The Body Coach was born after a full year of 'state of the art' research & development by top engineers and specialists in the fields of sports, aerobic and fitness.

Body Coach complies with quality standards in all sections of the organisation. Assembly and finishing are carried out in accordance with international production standards. The best suppliers are being recruited for every part of the machine.

By eliminating intermediate stages between manufacture and sale, a direct and coordinated approachand a very narrow profit margin, a complete and professional device is now available for a set price that is also accessible to private buyers.

A team of specialists is on hand to provide a professional installation and meticulous follow-up. Furthermore, there is a hi-end professional network of sports centres, wellness centres, medical establishments and distributors.

Body Coach sets great store by adequate before- and after-sales support. So Body Coach opts deliberately for a client-friendly and personal care environment. Customers benefit from our full suite of services and one full year's warranty.

Body Coach aims to delight all of its users.



"The House of Body Coach"

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